These terms and conditions are designed to keep our bookings, billed time and policies clear.

The only reason anything is on the list, is because it's happened - so please read.



The terms and conditions are the terms on which The Armoury c/o STL Audio Limited offers you access to the studio facilities and services. You are agreeing and accepting these terms and conditions and you're acknowledging that you have read them by paying the deposit on your session.

Please let us know if you have any questions or a special request.



By booking a rehearsal at The Armoury you are agreeing to accept the following terms and conditions:

- Rehearsals are payable on the night

- Cancellation or no show within 48hrs of your booked rehearsal requires full payment which can be paid at your next rehearsal or within 7 days

- Any cancellation outside 48hrs and there is no cancellation fee

- We reserve the right to cancel your session and will offer alternate times. If cancelled within 48hrs we will offer free rehearsal at your next regular time

- Under no circumstances are you to use the rehearsal time to make any multi-track type recordings that you intend to release, of course unreleased demoing is absolutely fine



A deposit will be required to confirm all studio bookings larger than 8hrs, all deposits are non-refundable.

The deposit fees are as follows: 

25% for Mixing

$250+GST for all sessions of 2 days

$500+GST for sessions of 3-5 days

$500+GST for all weekend bookings 

25% for sessions 6 days or more



Post Production Sessions:

- Payment are to made in full before any material is released when being billed to an individual or an international client

- All international transfer fees are to payed for by the client

- Payment from all NZ businesses due no later than the 20th of the following month from the starting date of the session

- Payments that are late by 30 days will incur a 10% additional late fee

Music Sessions:

- Payment for all music sessions due no later than 7 days after session conclusion (unless arranged prior to session)

- If you are taking session files or data directly after your session please arrange payment on or before the session

- For unattended Mixing remaining payment must be cleared on the day of the booking (unless prior arrangements have been made)

- No Mixes, audio or data will be released until all invoices have been settled under any circumstances

Mastering Sessions:

- Mastering sessions are to be 100% paid in full before the session starts, or mastering is handed over.



- We cannot set up for a multi mic recording in our own time if you book less than 4 hours. Please allow a min of an hr in your budget for any multi mic recording 4hrs or less

- Rates are charged in 1 hour blocks after requirement

- Any hours booked on full and or multi day bookings that are unused cannot be credit to different days or bookings



Notice of a client's intent to cancel a session must be received by The Armoury no later than 7 days before the session. If a cancellation or postponement occurs outside this time frame we will credit your deposit against the new session. If notice is received on or inside 7 days the clients deposit will be used as a cancellation fee, and you will be re-invoiced as such.



- The Armoury is not responsible for long term archiving and backing up of your project. We do have an extensive back up system for your project while you are recording at The Armoury. But ultimately it is not our responsibility to archive your project past your project.

- Once your project is finished please provide a drive for archiving your data 

- We do archive your master mixes should you need a new master for duplication

- WE CANNOT in our own time export your data from Pro Tools, or create ruff mixes. So please let us know what you want to do with your data and allow time to do so. Allow 30mins per song for data and ruff mixes. We can of course provide you with the Pro Tools session for no time/costs factor.