Mastering is a delicate process that is widely misunderstood and often never given the full attention it requires. Without the correct mastering your song or project stands a chance of not sounding as good as it could in many areas such as clarity, volume, bass and impact. This is especially the case with the now common playlist scenario. Even a bad recording and mix mastered correctly can have huge character and be a success. It’s true, many sub par recordings and mixes have been mastered correctly and then gone on to become hits and even cult classics.

Correct mastering to suit the end user and listening format has never been more important. With ever increasing ways that music is now delivered from iTunes, You Tube, Spotify, SoundCloud, radio and T.V and yes even CD's, they all have their format specific needs. Even Vinyl sales are increasing, so mastering really is a stage that needs attention, just like mixing. Taking this stage of the production to a professional will greatly benefit your project.

In a traditional release such as an E.P or Album, the process focuses on achieving optimum sound quality for the entire project, from the individual tracks to the full length release, ensuring the same high level continues throughout. It can even extend to gaps between songs and the way in which songs overlap combining to make the project have a professional sounding release.

With all that in mind we offer mastering for all the above platforms as well as packages to suit releasing in multiple formats. We also offer CD text software. This means your song titles and CD name will appear on supported CD players. This includes most car CD players and all computers; we can even submit this data to iTunes after your master has been pressed.

We have mastered projects for 100‘s of artists since 2005. Some of these include: Thomas Oliver, The Howlers, The Doo Rabs, Phoenix Foundation, The New Brides, Dirt Box Charlie, The Salvation Army, Red Dawn, Bond Street Bridge & Tre-Belle.



CD / Full Resolution Waves

When you have your project mastered at the Armoury for CD release you will get a full professional mastering service. This includes the compiling and preparation of the album down to the gaps and fades , as well as all album data not just the ‘mastering’  or 'loudening' of the songs being sent back louder.

This includes:

  • A test CD for you to check the mastering, fades, gaps and continuity, or an uploaded set of hi res .waves

  • Unlimited tweaks - although we never need more than 3, most times it’s nailed the first time

  • A set of full resolution, .wavs & 320kps .mp3’s (converted with the best codec available). Note this is not a master for online services

  • CD Text: name of tracks and songs embedded on the CD

  • All CD text uploaded to iTunes so when your fans put the CD in iTunes it shows the Artist and Track names (from a press copy)

  • Red Book Master ready for duplication. This includes a DDP upload to the manufacturer of you choice, meaning you don’t have to post them a CD.

Online Loudness Format:

Online releases are just as popular now and CD releases. These include iTunes, Spotify, YouTube and even podcasts to name a few.

The online format we supply is suitable for the services mentioned above, but if you have a specific need please let us know.

An online master can added in addition to a ‘CD/Full Resolution’ or it can be booked as the only format.


First Format

This the the rate for a single (or the first) format you require you project to be supplied in. This is either CD / full resolution or online.

• Single: $150

• E.P: $500 - 5 Track E.P. Usually $625 that's a song for free. (Single tracks are $150 per track)

•Album: 6 or more songs rates start at $100 per song. That’s saving $50 a track.

Please email us for albums or if you have any questions with rates.

Additional Format

Additional format prices are priced as being in addition to booking you first mastering format

• $25 per track

• $100 per E.P

• $200 per Album


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ABout The Gear

At The Armoury we use a combination of Pro Tools plugins and an analogue signal path in our mastering process. We utilise industry standard analogue mastering equipment and some more pieces of personal taste. These have tape emulation and harmonic distortion giving your digital recordings some serious mojo.

Our analogue mastering equipment list is: Rupert Neve Master Buss Processor & 542 Tape Emulations with Pultec EQs. Plugins are: UAD, Fabfilter, Waves and Slate Digital.

The monitoring at The Armoury is stunning and accurate (ask anyone that has been here) making our mastering translate on every system from a home theatre to an iPod. The process is painless.



Our mastering engineer (Troy TKO Kelly) has mastered literately 100’s of songs over the years and has a gained a depth of knowledge and experience in mastering many styles of music. We are so confident that you’ll love our work; we offer a free sample of our mastering services on your chosen track at no charge. We'll master 50% of the track so you can hear what we can offer. If you like it you can relax and we’ll make your project sound amazing!

Here are some quotes from Mastering clients:

From R. Sissons (via email)

Troy, ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL JOB. You make me sound like a better mixer! It's so loud and wide and the spatial clarity is awesome now! Client for life. Cheers mate.



Have a listen to the examples below that have been mastered at The Armoury by TKO. The examples switch between the file supplied and the final master so you can hear the work. More genres coming soon.

Electronic Music

Many thanks to Race to Polaris for letting is use his track 'No Compromises'. Check him out here: