if you’re considering any kind of recording project then contact us.

Just because we have a fantastic gear list, a great studio and an SSL, we are definitely more affordable than you might thin and why not we loving making music.

We’ve priced our studio for the independent market as well as labels. So please email us and explain your project, we’ll make you a specific quote and can create a package that includes discount no matter what your project is: voice, drums or a full band we can help.



(All prices + GST)


$90hr Monday to Friday (Min 2hrs)

Or A single Weekday 'Day Rate' $750 for 10am - 7pm (saving $60)

Or Weekday 'Lock Out' Rate $900 for 10am - 10pm (saving $180)

Or 3 or more Weekdays 'Lock Out' rate $800 for 10am - 10pm (saving $280 p/day)



Minimum 2hrs @ $250

$100hr Saturday, Sunday and all public holidays

Or Weekend 'Day' Rate $800 for 10am - 7pm (saving $100)

Or ‘Weekend’ Rate $1500 for 10am - 7pm on both days (saving $300)

Or ‘ Weekend Lock Out' Rate $1800 for 10am - 10pm on both days (saving $600)


- This includes an engineer and everything you need to record no hidden costs.

- All drum recordings have a min 4hrs



Monday Night Demo


$350 - Full multi-track live recording, Includes engineer.

Record a high quality full multi-tracked demo of your next single ready for social media and the internet 

4hr session. 3 hrs recording 1 hr mixing & mastering.  6pm - 10pm. Walk away with a mix on the night!


$350 - Full multi-track recording, Includes engineer.

Record up to 4 songs live guitar and vocals live. Create high quality demo’s of your songs ready for social media and the internet 

3hr session. 2 hrs recording 1 hr mixing & mastering.  8pm - 10pm. Mixes provided within 5 working days.



$2500 - Weekend Rate

$2200 - Weekday Rate

Fully completed Mixed and Mastered Single ready for release.

A weekend (or two weekdays) at The Armoury recording your single. Mixing done within 14 days and includes all tweaks.

Get your next single ready for radio, social media and the internet


Live E.P Package

$4500 Professionally Recorded and Mixed E.P

Record an E.P live over 2 days in the studio, have it mixed ready for mastering all at The Armoury.

Includes a weekend in lock out at the Armoury recording 10am - 10pm.

Mixing included in price (but not done within the 2 days recording). Mixes will be provided within 14 days and include all tweaking needed.

Of course this includes anything you want to do with 2 days, record, edit, overdub etc etc.  

No hidden costs or catches! 



Mixing Packages:


Full Mix Package  $750 per song

This includes:  All tweaks to get the song exactly how you want. A Main Mix, Instrumental and Clean Version in full .Wav 

Prices are reduced as follows:

2 songs - $1400

5 Songs - $3000


DIY Mixing Package – $900 per song 

Full Mix Package (as above) plus a custom, in depth 2hr tutorial showing you exactly how I mixed your song including workflow, virtual plugin settings of my SSL, challenges, solutions and how to re create the mix in your DAW.  Can be in person or via Skype or Facetime.

This can help you to step your recording techniques up and if you’re Pro Tools user your chops! If you’re the type of person who wishes they could mix themselves, but isn’t quite confident enough yet to pull it off, then go with the DIY Mixing Package. Try it for just one song on your album. Pick your favourite track, your potential single, and let me mix it for you. You’ll then have a great sounding mix of your favourite track, plus the insider know-how to approach the rest of your album on your own. You’ll even get the original Pro Tools session with as a bonus to all you Pro Tools users. Just fire it open and copy my plugin settings to your other tracks to get a head start.

Quotes from Mixing Clients:

 I brought in a home recording project to be mixed and was blown away by the result. It turned out so much better than I thought possible! The whole process was really easy and awesome and exceeded all my expectations. I'll be back with an EP to mix as soon as I can - Dave Currie (April 2014)

Really enjoyed working with TK/Armoury to get our tracks mixed, the process was constructive and interactive and the sit-in session helped a lot. The tracks sounded great through the fat analogue gear and we're looking forward to working with TK again in the near future, thanks! - Qedric James (April 2014)