At The Armoury we understand things have changed a great deal in the past few years. Currently most released recordings will have some aspect of a project studio in the production process - which is great thing. But mixing is still an area of expertise where a professional mixer can take the song to another level. Especially with a purpose built room, classic analog console and hardware and over 2000 mixes under their belt. This is without a doubt something that cannot be easily achieved in a project studio with a limited mix environment.


We love analog mixes and mixes love analog! We have the holy grail of mixing consoles and the industry standard SSL 4000G. This makes your mixes sound huge, 3d and the real deal. These consoles have mixed more #1 hits than if you combined every other desk! So we mix on an analog console and use analog hardware, making your mix sound real! Did you know we actually have one the best collections of hardware in NZ.

Your Mix will mixed by TKO (Thomas Oliver, Red Dawn, The New Brides, Suppression + many more)

From TKO:

Every band, song, tracking session, amp, drum kit and vocal is different, so every mix is different. When I mix your track(s) I approach it with extreme detail, giving each musical element the treatment it deserves. From vibe, genre, art, attitude, nuance, solo, cymbal, part, breath you name it. I will most likely know the recording better than the yourself by then end.

I have mixed over 2000 songs in my now 20yrs of mixing. I have mixed everything from Opera to Black Metal and back. I have won awards for mixing rock, electronic & hardcore. So I draw from a lot experience when I sit down to mix.

I take extreme pride and care in mixing, as I understand it is an art form. For this reason I have a set price per mix rather than an hourly rate. That way I can relax and make the mix perfect while not having to watch the clock - because which artists watches the clock?

So please don't hesitate to contact me directly to have a chat about your upcoming mix.

Thanks Troy (TKO) Kelly.