Every great record starts with a great drum sound. We understand this having recorded over 2000 songs!

The thing is, it's the hardest part to achieve and has so many variables. But at The Armoury we'd like to think we know what it takes to get a 'Killer' drum sound. So when we designed The Armoury we designed our live room around the 3 key features that are needed to get a 'Killer' drum sound. They are controlled high frequencies so your cymbals aren't like glass being thrown at your face. Mid/Bass traps to control mid and low frequencies so toms don't over ring. Then finally more than one position that a kit can work in, because all kits are different. 

We've achieved all this and then some, so read on.


Track your drums at The Armoury

You can track your drums at The Armoury with a choice of drum kits, snares, classic microphones and more analogue hardware than you can imagine. All at an affordable independent rate, so basically if you need drums we can help.

Our drums are tuned, ready to record and sound incredible. We can manipulate the kits and tone from modern to dirty vintage fatness. Just tell us what direction, and we'll make it happen! Using our house kit will dramatically speed up your session and you'll be recording within an hr. Of course you are welcome to bring your own drums.


1. Modern Kit: Pearl Masters Custom Extra. 9.5mm All Maple. Sizes: Kick Drums 2x 22x18 with different skins and tunings. Toms in 8, 10, 12, 14 & 16

2. Vintage Kit: PEARL 70's Kick Drum 24, 13, 14, 16, 18 (Maple with chrome wrap)


Pearl Reference 22ply 14x6.5

Pearl Reference 22ply 14x5.5

Pearl Brass Free Floating 14x6.5

Pearl UltraCast 14x16.5

Pearl Joey Jordinson 13x6.5

Pearl Vintage 14x8 Maple with steel wrap

Luwdig Supraphonic (mid '60s) 14x5

We also have access to an extensive collection of over 80 cymbals and more than a dozen kits for a small hire fee.

Day rates include the house drum kits.



Here's a sample of some drum recordings at The Armoury. We've made these examples to showcase the sounds that are available using both our vintage and modern kits and in various styles.





Tight or Live?

Our favourite place is what we call the 'Tight End' (pictured) not a dead end. In this position we are able to tame the cymbals transients, making the close mic's sound amazing at the same time controlling low frequency ringing, making toms and kick sound extremely focused. To do this behind the wooden slats features are mid/bass traps of varying sizes designed to control low and mid frequencies, with high frequency control coming from a layer of treatment on top of the traps. The room is 8m front to back so we can get a massive 'When the Levy Breaks' room vibe from the concrete floor and room mic's, while the kit is tight and focused for the close mic's - perfect.


Drum Tight End at The Armoury Recording Studio

Live Room at The Armoury Recording Studio


We then have a live side where we have a mixture of Brick and Wood mid/hi band frequency diffusers positioned behind the kit giving us that louder/larger than life drum sound, yet controlled enough to manipulate at mix. Add to that wooden cloud/diffusers hanging directly above the kit position to reflect just the right amount. This position is LOUD! It's great for smaller quieter kits, or for when your kit may be too dark for the tune.