The Armoury offers its main recording room as a rehearsal space 7 days a week. Located in heart of the CBD on the ground level with parking, it doesn't get any easier. With a load in that's 10m from your park to the room, you'll agree this will become your local spot.

We offer regular rehearsals at 5.30pm & 8pm Monday to Friday. We usually have spots available outside these times for one off rehearsals, so feel free to call or email for a one off, or to lock in a regular spot. We are only too happy to show you around.

We also offer great demo deals for bands that rehearse at The Armoury. Best thing is, when it comes time to record a release you'll know already how great the room sounds.

The room comes equipped with a PA by JBL and 4 Shure microphones. All back line needs to be provided.